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The Deception Hidden in the Science

15 September 2020

Hello everybody,

The way it seems to me, the cornerstone of this pandemic hoax, on which this whole thing is built upon, is the 'Covid-19 RT-PCR Test'. That is the crux of the fraud, hidden in the science, or rather pseudoscience.

To say that the test may not be very accurate or reliable is actually missing the point. It is absolutely not fit for purpose and the results are worse than meaningless. Worse, because unlike a random coin toss, the results can be manipulated to be 100% positive or 100% negative depending on the amplification used by the actual test. And they are being used with different amplifications just to add to the confusion.

Now you may think I'm exaggerating to make a point, but bear with me and I'll explain. They really don't want you to know about this, and assume you won't look into, or understand the science. So I believe it's hugely important that I do my best to explain and expose this pseudoscience. Because if you don't fully understand this, then you'll never be able to properly grasp the monumental scale of the deception currently turning our lives upside down. But if you do, it changes everything.

You see, most of the deception is derived from this test; the fake case numbers, the fake death numbers, all based on this completely fraudulent test. Then when their useless test churns out false positives for healthy people, instead of admitting the truth, that their test is faulty, they have the audacity to claim that these healthy people are in fact 'infected', and spreading the virus, without them even being aware! Oh the horror! An invisible, silent, secret killer... and it could be you! How scary! And that in turn becomes the basis for all the insane social distancing, because of the 'asymptomatic spreaders'. Absolute nonsense! It's the goddamn test that doesn't work! At all!

And then the WHO even admits that these asymptomatic people don't actually spread anything. Funny that. (As I linked before, but in case you missed it):

So the following is a brilliant, extremely well researched article which digs right down into the truth about the test. Yes it's long, and a bit scientific, but they've pulled the wool over your eyes using pseudoscience, so the only way to break the spell is to dig down. Now I'm sure many of you won't have the time, inclination or patience to read it, so I'm following it up with a bullet point synopsis in layman's language, which hopefully you'll find more digestible. I'm leaving out references for simplicity, but these can all be found in the article, so please do take a look at it too, for if you do read it, it may be one of the most important things you read this year.


The Test - Covid-19 RT-PCR

...Phew! A lot of information there, so if you're still with me, well done! But the plot thickens as it has also now emerged that one of the gene sequences tested for in some of the tests, actually belongs to the human genome! Dr Andrew Kaufman discusses this in the video from 9:52:

And the Australian government now admit the tests are useless too:

But you might argue that there are lots of tests out there and they can't all be useless. But they all have to deal with the same issues; no viral isolation, no valid gold standard. I suspect they use the PCR test as the gold standard because it's the best they have (what a joke) and try to create a test that comes out with more or less the same meaningless results. Nonsense going round in circles chasing more nonsense.

So when somebody tries to tell you they know someone who's had 'it', or even died of 'it' - allegedly - well, that depends. Now I know trying to argue the point with someone who is mourning a death is perhaps too insensitive, and unfortunately that does shut down critical discussion, but the truth is; there is absolutely no way to know for sure, beyond doubt, if anyone has ever had 'it', or died from 'it'. The best anyone can ever say is 'quite likely' or 'probably'. But that is not science. It's just guess work. There may be a virus causing sickness and death, but that's just a theory. And lots of things do that too, including the flu...

Love Justin

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