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Covid 'Vax' Death and Injury Numbers

12 November 2021

Hello people!

So the number of deaths and injuries caused by the fake Covid 'vaccines' is unknown to the public because it's subject to a massive cover-up and big-tech's inordinate censorship. But it's probably unknown to anyone as they're deliberately not collecting the data. So this page is my attempt to assemble what we do know, best estimates, as well as whistleblower testimony.

Starting with the official government data, reported as adverse reactions to the 'vaccines' from VAERS in the US, EudraVigilance in Europe and the Yellow Card reporting system in the UK.

Deaths Injuries
UK 1,559 1,135,579
EU 28,103 2,637,525
US 16,310 778,685
Total 45,972 4,551,789

The problem with these numbers is that they're widely accepted to be at most 10% of the real numbers, and according to a Harvard study about only 1%. This is for several reasons such as:

The end result is that we can only guess what the real numbers are by adding one or two zeros on, which gives us:

Deaths - about 0.46 million to 4.6 million
Injuries - about 46 million to 455 million

And that's not the whole world, just the US, EU and UK.

Then there's the 2,433 dead babies (no zeros added) in VAERS (US only) as another study shows mRNA shots not safe for pregnant women.

VAERS whistleblower: 45,000 dead from Covid-19 'vaccines' within three days of 'vaccination', sparks lawsuit against federal government.

Pfizer whistleblower: says close to 200,000 deaths within one week of 'vaccination' via Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.

According to experts reporting directly to the FDA, the Covid 'vaccines' "kill more than they save". And they estimate there to be about 411 excess vaccine related deaths per million doses, which equates to about three million deaths globally.
   --  [ 7,340 (million doses administered globally) x 411 (deaths per million doses) = 3,016,740 deaths globally ]

And then there's the unprecedented numbers of young athletes collapsing in 2021 with heart issues.

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