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Check out Transhumanism, the brand new house tune with the amazing Dr Carrie Madej, D.O. - just released - below.

Transhumanism - A short promo clip:

Transhumanism - The full song:

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But not YouTube - it was censored, they must be afraid of the truth.

For the lyrics and other download options, go here - Transhumanism

Also check out Fight The Lockdown, the newly released official version, song and video, below.

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The copy on YouTube was censored within minutes, so it must be good! YouTube

For the lyrics and other download options, go here - Fight The Lockdown

And The Covid Pantomime, new song and video - below.

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For the lyrics and other download options, go here - The Covid Pantomime

About me

Hello everybody!

I'm Justin Time, an artist, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and a few other things.

I also dance salsa and bachata, which they took that away from me for about 18 months. I've just being allowed to dance again, but the threat of 'vaccine' passports is hanging over me, so I might have to kiss my dancing days goodbye again soon. Although in the grand scheme of things, my personal restrictions are insignificant compared to the horrendous events unfolding globally.

But since they took away my freedom, I figured I was absolutely not going to take that lying down. I wanted to know EXACTLY why. So I started researching, and it really didn't take long to find out that they'd been lying to us.

Unfortunately when the truth doesn't suit the establishment, it gets labelled conspiracy theory. But it's still the truth. The truth will always be the truth no matter what they tell you. And as far as this Covid hoax goes, the truth is plain to see, even in their own data and admissions, that directly contradict their false narrative. They just think we're not paying attention. But that's not conspiracy. It's out there, public knowledge, facts, for all to see if you care to look into it.

So now there's a war to fight, for the truth, to get our freedom back! Otherwise our enslavement awaits. And time is desparately running out...

Also, as well as writing Fight The Lockdown, I've been researching and collating a whole pile of fascinating information on this pandemic hoax, in the following articles. I originally sent these out as emails to friends and family, but now I'm publishing on here to try to get the message out further. Please read and share this important information and spread the word.

Thanks for visiting, and come back again soon, there'll be more songs and information out shortly. Watch this space...

Love and peace, Justin.

My Articles Debunking the Covid Hoax

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