Transhumanism (Radio Edit)

by Justin Time featuring Dr Carrie Madej, D.O.

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Transhumanism - the full length song

Transhumanism (Radio Edit) is a shortened version of the original, much longer song Transhumanism. If you like this version, please check out the original, there's a whole lot more to it...

Transhumanism (Original Full Version)

Be Part Of The Revolution And Help Get The Truth Out

If like many of us, you feel angry about the descending global medical tyranny, but yet powerless to stop it, well here's a way to be part of the solution and help get the truth out.

Within the resistance there is much preaching to the converted, and whilst we need to share information, ultimately we have to spread the message to the wider population. Which is why I wrote Transhumanism, featuring the amazing Dr Carrie Madej, D.O.

The song, described by Media Monarchy before playing it on their radio station as, "a truly epic track!", is packed full of vital information about the fake Covid 'vaccines'. Yet it's disguised as a house tune, to catch the unsuspecting music listener off guard. The truth in a song, designed to evade the censorship strangleholds, as well as people's preconceptions about what information they're willing to entertain.

However, in order for the song to have the profound effect it could, and needs to have, it must go viral, which is where you can help, and be part of the solution. Of course it would be fantastic if you share it, but even better than that, if you want to help me get the message out further, maybe you would consider making a donation, specifically to help pay towards the promotion of this song. That way it would reach more people, particularly the young, before it's too late.

Just in case you would be kind enough to make a donation, I've set up a page here on ko-fi.

I won't be keeping any of the proceeds, it will all be spent entirely on the promotion of Transhumanism.

Some Short Promo Video Clips From Transhumanism (Original Full Version)