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The Bigger Picture

12 January 2021

Hello everyone!

I hope your new year is going well. Today I want to share some thoughts about the crucially important and pivotal times that we are currently living through.

So whilst the current Covid 'vaccine' rollout ensues amidst a barrage of propaganda, many are thinking that this is a harmless route back to normality. Now although I disagree on both counts, it is dangerous and won't deliver freedom, I think it's imperative that we step back and consider how this fits into the bigger picture.

You see, it's not just one jab, it's two. And then they're saying it will require an annual top-up. So that's two jabs a year for the rest of our lives. But the worst thing is that it will be mandated to everybody on the planet.

Now I know they insist it will be optional, but they've already suggested it will be necessary for air travel, oh and perhaps your next job. In the UK our vaccine minister, which we didn't have before last year, hinted that even going to a bar or restaurant should require proof of being Covid free, with an immunity passport type of thing. We can clearly see where this is going. Mandated in all but name.

So it's not just a 'vaccine', which is not just experimental and dangerous, but a mandated injection for everyone, on a regular basis, unless you want to opt out of society and live under a rock. Now let that sink in for a few moments. The authorities will have the ability to put anything inside our bodies, on a regular basis, for as long as we live.

Now I know you might be thinking that I'm about to get conspiratorial and suggest they're going to kill lots of people in a depopulation agenda, and whilst that is a distinct possibility, and one that Bill Gates et al have already shown a keen interest in doing, it does kind of oversimplify the issue. You see, we know for a fact that they've many different technologies that they could potentially inject into us.

Killing us would be easy, but too crude and obvious. If killing us was their objective, then they'd at least use some delaying mechanism to do the job after several months or years, so it couldn't easily be linked to the 'vaccine'. Even if it simply screws up our immune system, such that the next cold that comes along kills us, even though it's just a cold. But of course that will then be blamed on Covid, not the 'vaccine'. Quite a clever trick really. And antibody-dependent amplification, ADE, has long been known from experiments with corona vaccines in cats, for example. In the course of these studies, all cats that initially tolerated the vaccination well, died after catching the wild virus.

So then there's all kinds of nano technology too, some that may interface with 5G. Sterilisation wouldn't be immediately apparent either, after all, that could just be you not being fertile enough. I'm sure it will be your fault. The mind boggles at how they could play with our biology at their will. And that may also depend on our 'social credit score', so you better be nice and toe the line.

And not forgetting their ability to mess with our very own DNA, genetically modifying us like a tomato. One of the main reasons they like to genetically modify things is because they cannot patent nature, but they can patent anything that's been genetically modified, as then it becomes their own creation. So yes, I do believe from what I've heard, that one of their objectives is to do just this; genetically modify, patent, then own us, like we've never been owned before, enslaved like we've never been enslaved before.

Now before you just dismiss all this as conspiracy nonsense, I'm not saying they will do any of the above. But what I am saying is that it IS all possible, whether you think I'm exaggerating or not. So how can we be sure that they won't? We'd just have to rely on their goodwill that they won't. But we're dealing with the most evil people on the planet. The psychopathic banking families, the globalist cult that owns the world, who've engineered this whole situation as a culmination of decades of preparation on their part. So just as they're about to enter the final act, to enslave all of humanity like never before, maybe they'll suddenly have a change of heart. Perhaps they'll have a revelation and realise it's just a bit too mean, and just cancel their plans, on a whim. Or, maybe they won't.

So the question I ask is this; why in God's name would we leave ourselves open to this possibility, by signing up to their Covid 'vaccine' agenda? Why would we put our biological autonomy, our very own DNA sovereignty, in their hands, at their mercy? Maybe they won't do it. But they might. They certainly could. The possibility is undeniable. To pretend otherwise could be catastrophic for mankind.

So we have a choice now. But not for long. Humanity is at a crossroads, and our collective decision will decide our fate for a very long time to come. If enough people refuse their fraudulent Covid 'vaccines' then that would likely derail their evil agenda. But if the majority just roll over and accept them, then this mandated 'vaccine' agenda will become the new normal, for everybody, permanently.

And considering that Covid is a hoax, or even if you believe in this unproven illness, by their own fake statistics it's less dangerous than the flu. And that the 'vaccines' aren't even claimed to stop you from catching or spreading it, merely reducing symptoms. Then there's really nothing to lose in refusing the 'vaccines', but potentially everything to lose if we accept them. It shouldn't be a difficult decision.

So come on people. We're all now depending on each other to make the right decision collectively, for all of our sakes. This is probably the most important choice we ever make. Give it some proper thought. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of healthcare workers have already refused. Maybe they know something...

These two documentaries contain very important information about vaccines...

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Love Justin

Check out the brand new song and video - just released - Fight The Lockdown