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Harsh Reality

6 September 2021

Hello everybody!

So after about 18 months of lies, insane restrictions and 'health guidance' that makes no logical sense, real world data that doesn't add up, blatant corruption, deception, propaganda, censorship and seemingly endless fear porn, with no normality anywhere in sight, you'd think everyone must be questioning this 'pandemic' by now. But no. Plenty of people still have their heads buried firmly in the sand, refusing to believe they're being lied to.

I suspect possibly the main reason for this is that they just don't want to face the reality that we're being deliberately killed, because that's pretty damn scary! Well we are. Probably about a million so far. No-one knows the true number due to the massive cover-up, but it's a lot. And it's public government data, not conspiracy.

Now if you're one of the people who don't want to face this reality, the irony is this; facing up to it is probably the only way to stop the genocide, and the longer you bury your head in the sand, the more people will die. Unfortunately, that's the harsh reality.

So now the data is in. Israel is about the most 'vaxxed' country and has the most Covid. Who could've seen that coming? In fact, according to all the data we have, the 'vaxxed' are more likely to catch Covid, be hospitalised, and killed by it. The CDC is so desperate to cover this up that they're now counting a death within 14 days of the vaccine as an UNvaccinated death! [1] I mean, they're not even trying to argue the point that the 'vaccine' didn't kill them. They're saying they didn't even have the 'vaccine' that they clearly did. Unbelievable!

Then recently, an interesting nugget of information came to light from a freedom of information request. Previously I was aware of the revolving door between the MHRA and big pharma they are supposed to regulate, as well as the conflicts of interests with board members having shares in the companies they regulate. But now we also know that Bill Gates is also actually the primary funder of the MHRA! [2] You can't make it up.

Apologies if I sound like a stuck record but I'll stop when the killing does. So in the meanwhile, if you haven't succumbed to the awful coercion to get jabbed, well done. Even if you have, they have an accumulative effect, so you can at least not have more.

So here's a great video about the jabs from a pathologist:

This is fascinating. German doctors talking about blood samples from the 'vaccinated':

The above video doesn't have great subtitles, so here is an explanation from Dr. Jane Ruby about the same video:

This is a short video, a bit like a film trailer, but really well done, and fantastic music too:

In order to properly understand how we got here though, I need to go back to what happened last year, continuing the subject that I mentioned in my previous email. So excess deaths of old people in UK hospitals and care homes last year wasn't due to Covid, but rather caused by the 'pandemic protocols' brought in last year using the 'Liverpool Care Pathway' and inordinate amounts of Midazolam. Why would they give Midazolam, a sedative, to someone who is already unconscious? You don't need to sedate someone who is already unconscious. You can't get more sedated than that. If you wanted to hasten their death, with what appears to be Covid like symptoms - difficulty breathing - an effect of Midazolam, then that would do it.

This documentary is a must watch for more information on this:

In the US, similar things happened to create the illusion of a pandemic. Their drug of choice to kill people and say it was Covid, as dictated by the protocols of Dr. Anthony Fauci was Remdesivir. And no it wasn't a mistake. He knew it was a dangerous, potentially fatal drug from studies already carried out.

More about it can be seen here:

Apologies again for being so morbid, but this is the world we now live in, with vaccine passports already implementing medical apartheid in many countries around the world, in order to coerce us into having these highly dangerous, often fatal medical procedures with absolutely no medical benefit whatsoever.

I did write a song to make this message more palatable and uplifting, so as a reminder here it is again, plus some short promo videos for it. I now have it on Spotify and a bunch of other platforms too where you can like / share it from if you have an account, which would really help to get the message out. It should also be on iTunes which I don't have, and Pandora which is unavailable in the UK, so if you do find it there, maybe you can send me a link:

Love Justin



Check out the brand new song - just released - Transhumanism