Check out the brand new song - just released - Fight The Lockdown

WHO's Global Pandemic Treaty

23 May 2022

Hello everyone!

I hope you're all well! So I'm pleased to announce the new release of Fight The Lockdown (Freedom Mix). You may have heard the original that I wrote at the start of the lockdowns, but that was what I did in locked down isolation, without any help. Since then I've had the chance to collaborate with other musicians, so I figured I really should do a new mix.

You can check the song out here:
Fight The Lockdown

Now you may think the song is out-of-date, and I wish it was, but unfortunately it's really not. This tyranny is far from over. If you think it is, then you've obviously not been fired from your job over a 'vaccine' mandate. Nor might you have heard about the lockdowns currently happening in China, or of the WHO's global pandemic treaty on 'pandemic preparedness' that they're trying to push through. And there's LOTS of things I am still absolutely not allowed to do, just because I didn't surrender my bodily autonomy to the plutocratic technocrats.

So the fight goes on...

WHO's Global Pandemic Treaty

This treaty on 'pandemic preparedness' is really quite horrifying once you understand what their intentions are. It is currently being drafted, scheduled to possibly come into force in 2024. And whether or not you believe like me, that democracy is nothing more than an illusion, either way this treaty would put an end to any confusion; it would be the end of all democratic governance and the imposition of an absolute and unelected global dictatorship.

If the treaty is ratified as they intend it to be, it would give the WHO power over all nation states to impose their will, with regard to global health and pandemics (real or not), which would include the ability to enforce lockdowns, quarantines and mandatory 'vaccination', etc. Enforcement would include sanctions imposed upon nation states, with the help of the World Bank, the IMF etc.

And all this is because the WHO saved us from a deadly pandemic in which millions died, but incalculably more would've perished without their insightful guidance and life-saving interventions, or so at least we're supposed to believe. And granting them more powers will enable them to save even more lives in the future. Hmm. I don't think so.

The reality is that they're so utterly corrupt and evil that they pretended there was a pandemic to take away our freedom and bodily autonomy. Even if you don't believe Covid is an imaginary disease, it's widely accepted that the vast majority of the deaths came from putting Covid on the death certificates of people who died from other causes. The flu didn't disappear, they just renamed it Covid. The few who did appear to die quickly of the 'terrible disease' were just systematically murdered with Remdesevir, Midazolam, Morphine, ventilators and the Covid 'treatment' protocols, which were really end of life pathways.

But regardless of what you think about Covid, many peer reviewed studies now clearly show that; lockdowns did many orders of magnitude more harm than any possible good, masks gave no protection and caused untold harm, asymptomatic spread never happened, the tests don't work and the virus was never isolated so they made up the genetic sequence. All of that, the WHO have admitted to, yet they pretend they did nothing wrong.

Then we're supposed to believe that the 'vaccines' saved us from the 'pandemic' when all the data now clearly shows that their alleged efficacy wanes after a few months, then beyond that the efficacy goes negative. In other words you become more susceptible to disease because you become immuno-compromised, otherwise known as VAIDS, vaccine acquired immune deficiency syndrome. But of course they can make them appear to work on an imaginary disease, by simply not pretending it's a problem anymore.

Again, the truth is the opposite of what they claim. Probably millions have been killed, countless million have been injured, many permanently, by the 'vaccines'. But will we ever know the real numbers? Likely not, because of the massive cover up and the fact that most cases are not even reported. Of the millions that are, not a single investigation has been launched into any of them, even just to establish if it was the 'vaccine' that was the cause or not. So clearly they're not concerned about public health and the dangers posed by their pharmaceutical products. Yet the 'vaccine' rollout is an abhorrent clinical trial, meaning the effects on people should've been closely monitored and recorded in order to draw useful conclusions. So not collecting that data is an utter dereliction of duty as well. But it's quite obvious they want to keep the lid firmly on that staggering, monstrous can of worms.

So now we're left with all this 'vaccine' carnage, a generation of toddlers with language problems that couldn't lip read, another generation of suicidal teenagers, a mental health crisis, a decimated economy, millions pushed into poverty, a fragmented society, a Nuremburg code in tatters and hyper-inflation - all because of what they did. And now the latest evidence is that these 'vaccines' are causing severe fertility problems! And do we get an apology? No. Do they admit they did anything wrong? No.

Instead they pretend everything they did was for the best, for our benefit. And because they did such a good job, they want ten times more power and control to do it even more next time.

No, this fight is NOT over! I will not rest until all these globalist organisations have been disbanded, and the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity are all behind bars.

So the latest horrific news about the Covid shots is that they might be causing sterilisation on a mass scale! In this video, Dr. Carrie Madej describes the myriad of problems with reproduction caused by the injections (starting at 31:15):

This is a great concise article on the WHO treaty:

This isn't the most exciting video, but useful if you want a more in depth explanation about the treaty:

In this video an embalmer describes stringy fibrous blood clots he regularly pulls out of the veins of corpses, that are almost certainly a result of the Covid 'vaccines':

This is an interview with a GP who just quit, explaining why doctors are leaving the NHS:

Love Justin

Check out the brand new song - just released - Fight The Lockdown