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What's In The Covid 'Vaccines'?

14 January 2022

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and let's hope this year proves to be better than last.

So doctors and scientists have been analysing these alleged Covid 'vaccines' under a microscope and the news is not good. I know many of you may have this stuff inside of yourselves, so I'm sorry to have to break it to you, but I did try to warn you until I'm blue in the face, and still am. Blood of the 'vaccinated' has been analysed[9][10][11], and pathologists have done autopsies[1][2], both finding evidence of 'vaccine' damage.

The good news is; according to multiple sources, many of the injections are just inert saline solution[8]. So if you've had any, you might still have dodged a bullet. But as with Russian Roulette, the next one might not be a blank...

Firstly I'll start off by saying I'm not going to get into specifics about individual brands, and even then it appears they may vary by the batch, and even by individual vials. Plus, I'm not claiming that any of the following are in any particular shot, but there is evidence that all of these things have been found in them, and could therefore potentially be in any one of them. And this list is by no means exhaustive, just some noteworthy mentions.

Booster shots used to be a conspiracy theory but are now fact. Vaccine Passports were only mentioned by crazy paranoid nutjobs, but are also now reality. So if you sign up to this system, you'll need at least two injections a year for the rest of your life, to keep the passports valid. That's a lot of injections, giving the state the power to put whatever they want into your body, whenever they see fit. So what's been found in them so far?

The spike protein: Both the mRNA and DNA type injections will trick your own cells into producing the spike protein of the virus, in order to invoke an immune response to Covid, allegedly. However, that has many, sometimes fatal, side effects. If the cells lining your blood vessels produce the spikes, they may block the blood flow, causing blood clots. Potentially many different cells around the body may produce the spikes, causing the body to mount an immune response whereby the body attacks itself, resulting in things like heart (and other organ) inflammation, all kinds of auto-immune diseases, neurological conditions and possibly sterilisation - there's an affinity with the ovaries.[1][2]

Graphene hydroxide: This takes the form of a sheet of extremely strong carbon, yet only one atom thick. So effectively they are microscopic nano razor blades. If these get into the blood supply, they can flow around the body, cutting the insides of the blood vessels, causing all kinds of internal bleeding and haemorrhages etc.[4] Dr. Noack who exposed this was raided by police during a live stream video[6], and then 'mysteriously' died, days later.[5]

Graphene oxide: AKA Hydrogel. These are self-assembling nanoparticles or nanobots, whose primary material is graphene oxide, developed by DARPA. Described by Moderna themselves as an 'Operating System', they feature various nano chips and other technologies. Whilst they work internally in the body, they also interact with external frequencies and wireless signals, connecting your internal biology to the internet of things around you.[12][13]

Parasites and parasitic eggs: Various different parasites have been found contained in these vials, including eggs that hatch out into worm like creatures under suitable conditions. One of these is a hydra, or possibly a genetically modified version of one, which is actually - unbelievably - an immortal creature which constantly generates new stem cells and can regrow itself if it becomes broken up. There is even a theory that this may be part of a grandiose Frankenstein experiment whereby these technocratic transhumanists are actually attempting to make the human race immortal. Others say these parasites can cause auto-immune diseases.[7][8][9]

Added to these is the limitless possibilities of what they can do with genetic manipulation and nanobots. So who knows what else they may have up their sleeve, or have yet to develop. But given that these bioweapons can kill in a multitude of different ways (including a greatly increased risk of cancer[3]), in as many different timeframes, it will be extremely difficult to blame any of it on the 'vaccine', making it the ultimate murder weapon. And sophisticated enough to enslave the ones it doesn't kill. You almost have to admire how cleverly these psychopaths have designed all this, if only they weren't so utterly evil. Even to the point that they've mind controlled people into queueing up for it voluntarily, and persuaded them it's actually for their benefit. Quite incredible!

But if you're thinking I've gone stark raving bonkers because you've not heard of any ill effects from these 'safe and effective vaccines', as many seem to think, then consider for a moment that you might just be living in an extremely censored and propagandized world, because you absolutely are. Probably there's been well over a million deaths and many million injuries already, but no-one knows exactly because of the massive cover-up. But that's a whole other topic, which I've covered here, please take a look:

Apologies for this being so horrific but we all need to know the truth, and stop accepting this poison. Check out the videos below for a more detailed explanation, and please share the information...

Love Justin


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Check out the brand new song - just released - Transhumanism