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The UK Lockdown is Killing People

23 April 2020

Hello everybody!

Everyday brings out new information, plus I've done some research myself, there's so much to share...

Also, I've been criticised for claiming to know exactly what's going on, whilst others argue you should embrace 'not knowing' in order to remain unbiased and open. However I really don't think that this is the time to be sitting on the fence. How can we push back against this brand new form of tyranny, before it's too late, if we just sit on the fence? The things we don't know, we need to investigate, but there's already plenty clearly apparent, that we can act upon.

So let me be clear, I don't yet know for sure:

But what I am sure about is:

From that I can't help but infer that we are being screwed, and need to fight back. You may think I'm a conspiracy theory nutcase, but while we're being led to the slaughter, my eyes are wide open and I'm fighting. What about you? Still sitting on the fence, or calling me crazy?

And now for my own research, some statistics that I dug up myself, deaths registered weekly in England and Wales (week ending 10th April) from the Office for National Statistics no less.

Total deaths that week: 18,516 Deaths for the same week averaged over the previous five years: 10,520

So that's quite an increase, about 8,000.

Deaths where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate: 6,213

But 'mentioned on the death certificate' implies it's not necessarily the cause of death, so for simplicity let's halve that number for Covid-19 actually causing the death, say about 3,000. So of the extra 8,000 deaths, only 3,000 can be attributed to Covid-19, therefore there were about 5,000 extra deaths completely unrelated to Covid-19!

Deaths where the underlying cause was respiratory disease: 1,810

Typical numbers for the above are about 1,500 for this time of year, although over 2,000 in January. But if Covid-19 does actually cause death, allegedly, then that usually ends up being a respiratory condition. So if the extra 8,000 deaths are all caused by Covid-19, that would mean an extra 8,000 deaths where the underlying cause was respiratory disease. But this increase is roughly 300, not 8,000!

Therefore my conclusion is that; the UK lockdown is actually killing people, more so than the virus itself, even if you take their fake Covid-19 deaths stats at face value. If you don't, then it's killing even more, if not all the extra people!

How can this be? Well I've heard an A&E doctor concerned he's not seeing the usual cases of sepsis and various other typical conditions coming into hospital recently. So whilst some people should be seeking urgent medical attention, they're staying at home and dying instead, afraid they'll catch the virus if they go to hospital. Then there's the vulnerable, pushed over the edge with isolation, loneliness and boredom. Depression and other mental health issues will be rising, as well as physical health impacted by lack of exercise, vitamin D and good food. I've even heard about people being 'diagnosed' with Covid-19 in care homes, then doctors refuse to visit in fear of the virus, so the elderly residents have no access to antibiotics and other essential medicines for their various conditions.

Thousands missing out on cancer diagnosis:

And now a smoking gun illustrating that this planneddemic is based on absolutely false, fraudulent pseudo-science. It's quite technical but I could more or less keep up, and I'm no biologist, but feel free to skip to the last ten minutes or so for the conclusion.

A couple more videos, feel free to watch them in full but I'm just linking to the relevant parts which debunk:

Inmates burying New York Covid-19 victims on Hart Island.

Thirteen year old Covid-19 victim.

Last but not least; I've only ever seen two or three scary films in my life, but I've never seen a scary documentary. I didn't know it was possible. If you don't believe it, then it probably won't faze you, but if you've got an open mind and watch it to the end, prepare to be very disturbed.

Love, and for Christ's sake don't 'stay safe'. I'm sick of hearing those words. It's that mentality that got us into this mess. Live dangerously!


Check out the brand new song and video - just released - Fight The Lockdown