Check out the brand new song and video - just released - The Covid Pantomime

A Quarter Million Genocide

27 April 2021

Hello Everybody!

I finally have my new song out - The Covid Pantomime - plus a re-release (official version) of my last one - Fight The Lockdown. It was a bit of a rushed job and needed doing again. You can see / hear both here:

The Covid Pantomime

Fight The Lockdown

As it happens, YouTube censored Fight The Lockdown within minutes of it being published, so that means it must be good. For all those who think censorship only happens in communist or fascist countries, they're right. We absolutely ARE living under fascism now. And their tyranny, propped up with a false narrative so fragile that they're afraid of lyrics in a song, is just pathetic.

Also you may not have heard as they're trying to pretend we don't exist, but I was one of about 300,000 protesters on Saturday in London. In case you're curious, I posted a few tweets documenting my experiences there (a couple of tweets in):


So reported Covid 'vaccine' deaths were already over 11,000 in just the US and EU a few weeks ago. And considering these reports are only voluntary, and that medical professionals are discouraged from even making them due to the ongoing cover-up, it has been estimated that they account for no more than 10% of the real number. So you can add a zero onto that number making it more like 110,000.

See here:

Then extrapolate for the rest of the world and it's probably over a quarter of a million deaths, never mind the much larger number of injuries, many serious ones. Plus this data is weeks old, most people haven't had the fake 'vaccines' yet, and of the ones who have, most have only had their first dose. And these are just immediate effects, never mind longer term ones like auto-immune diseases and sterilisation.

And the official Covid death toll currently stands at about three million, which is soon to be eclipsed - no dwarfed - by the fake 'vaccine' pandemic. And those three million are mainly flu, pneumonia plus many other completely unrelated causes re-assigned to Covid using a fake test, or sometimes even without a positive test result at all, then the picture should become crystal clear, if it wasn't already; this is NOT for our benefit!

But the conspiracy theorists warned about the fake 'vaccines', and are now being proven right. Like we told you the fake test didn't work, as the WHO now admit. Like we said they'd force us to take their dangerous, useless and utterly unnecessary jab, coerced with 'vaccine' passports, but that was just conspiracy nonsense. Well they haven't quite succeeded with that yet, but if you don't see them trying their damndest, I don't know where you've been recently.

But 'vaccine' passports are NOT inevitable, and WILL fail without overwhelming compliance. Every Covid jab is a vote for this tyranny, every refusal a vote against. This is without doubt, the most important election in the history of mankind.

If we lose, they will forever own our biology, the fascistic tyranny will be permanent, and our slavery will be absolute. If we win, their sinister agenda will be completely derailed.

And all we have to do is... say NO.

Also, if you do want to give the conspiracy theorists any credit, then this is worth looking at, especially the first part about nanobots on the Covid test swabs:

On a lighter note (plus pictures below):

Lastly, I'd like to remind everyone that if they want to be removed from this mailing list, I'm happy to oblige and won't be offended.

Love Justin

Check out the brand new song and video - just released - Fight The Lockdown