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My New House Tune Is Out

23 July 2021

Hi everyone,

After many nights of wanton abandon spent dancing in clubs, I always wanted to write a house tune, but never did. Until now that is. So when the inspiration and reason to do it finally came, those days of hedonism gave me much to draw from.

So please check out my new song, featuring the amazing Dr Carrie Madej, D.O. And maybe you can share it too, to help spread the word, a critically important message.

In other news, it has emerged recently that the excess deaths of old people in UK care homes last year wasn't caused by Covid after all. It was basically just mass murder, to create the illusion of a pandemic. Sorry for being blunt, but you have to call a spade, a spade!

Under the 'emergency Covid protocols', when these elderly people got ill, they weren't allowed to go to hospital for treatment in case they spread Covid, or some such nonsense. So instead they were put on the 'Liverpool care pathway', which involved taking away their existing medication for whatever ongoing health issues they might have had, denying them food and water, and heavily sedating them with Midazolam, which in high doses can kill. And this illegal, institutionalised euthanasia was made possible, again becasue of Covid restrictions, which meant relatives weren't allowed to visit. So in this isolation, their relatives were mostly unaware of their situation, and therefore unable to intervene or help.

Now you may be thinking I'm losing the plot, but the fact is, the UK government bought an inordinate amount of Midazolam, much more than normal, which was used at the height of the 'pandemic', as shown in this graph:

It should also be noted that one of the side-effects of Midazolam is that it creates difficulty breathing. Coincidentally, so does Covid, allegedly. Or was that just the Midazolam. Hmm...

If you want a proper explanation of the scandal, watch this:

And then there's this too about the unprecedented and illegal DNRs:

On another note, if you still think the fake Covid 'vaccines' are safe, then that means the censorship's working. There's a massive cover-up going on. So my back of the envelope sums are this:

Fake Covid 'vaccine' deaths:
EU: 17,503
US: 10,991
UK: 1,403
Total: 29,897

But these are only the officially reported numbers. No-one knows the real number because they're deliberately not collecting that data, funnily enough. It's widely accepted that these represent only about one to ten percent of the true figure. So taking the above number, approximated - 30,000 - add at least one zero - 300,000 - then extrapolate for the rest of the world, and it's well over half a million deaths. But it's likely more.

Then there's the literally millions of adverse events, many serious permanent injuries. Genocide is the word that comes to mind. See this, and keep scrolling down, it's quite long, and look up the numbers for yourself if you're sceptical. It's all public information:

And if you're still thinking of getting a shot (or another), maybe you should watch this short video for some risk analysis. In it, the doctor explains how these 'vaccines' don't just cause blood clots that have an immediate effect, they also might be causing many tiny blood clots in the capillaries of the lungs. Whilst these will go unnoticed, gradually lung function will degrade over time, causing slow death:

Then there's the two 'vaccinated' female cricket players collapsing within minutes of each other:

Or if you want to see how the same system who coerced you into getting these shots, will cast you aside if you get injured, this is a heart-rending interview. But the makers were exempted from liability, so why should they be concerned? They still get to keep the profits:

Sorry for being so morbid, but it's not my evil sinister agenda. Don't shoot the messenger.

All the best,

Love Justin

Check out the brand new song - just released - Transhumanism