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Incompetence or Conspiracy..?

8 December 2020

Hello People!

Today I have some important information on the Covid 'vaccines' (see towards the end if you don't want to read it all) but first I'd like to tackle another question. Is this Covid scandal just a colossal set of catastrophic mistakes, made with insufficient data, poor judgement and spiced up with the usual greed, that got us into this mess? Or was it something more sinister - a co-ordinated premeditated agenda designed to deceive the masses in order to facilitate their enslavement, whilst transferring even more untold wealth and power to those at the very top?

Whilst many now question these lockdowns, fewer people seem willing to acknowledge that our rulers could ever be so evil as to have created this situation as a deliberate act, instead clinging to the notion that behind it all, is just incompetence.

So let's go through a quick list of facts, and see if they can just be put down to - incompetence and greed:

But the evil cult who may just be behind all this also own the central banking system, and can therefore print infinite money, so why would greed motivate them? But if you're talking about greed, not for money, but for absolute power, well that's different I suppose. Anyway, hopefully I've given you something to think about, so answers on a postcard...

In other news, I get the impression people have been watching too much TV again, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to fill you in on some real news, in case you missed it...

A nurse publicly resigning because of all the lies being perpetrated by her profession.

Hospitals in the UK are not overflowing.

This shows how, using the CDC's own data, that deaths from the usual causes have all decreased by more or less the same amount as there have been Covid deaths. So as I've been saying all along, there is no pandemic. It's just a re-categorisation of deaths from other causes, being falsely attributed to Covid.

Covid 'Vaccines'

And if you really are considering getting the horrific untested, experimental 'vaccine', for which the makers have been given immunity from prosecution and liability (I wonder why), then I'd strongly suggest you do some research first. But really, they don't even claim that they might prevent you from catching or spreading Covid, which more than likely does not exist, and even if it does, is less dangerous than the flu. But we do know that these 'vaccines' have already killed some people and made others ill and there are grounds to believe they may make women sterile, and so far they're still in the early stages of testing. So if you take it, you're just a guinea pig for their sick experiment.

A couple of things to note are that the company connected with Oxford University and Astrazeneca 'vaccine', the Galton Institute, used to be the UK's Eugenics Society! Really. So depopulation is their usual business! Also the UK government have admitted that they don't know what the effect the Covid 'vaccine' will have on fertility! And currently they're trying to censor all discussion about vaccine safety, so it seems to me that they really don't want us to make an informed decision.

Already two killed by the Pfizer 'vaccine', plus more with other Covid 'vaccines':

Information about Pfizer:

Here rationality prevails, and they're demanding an end to the dangerous and pointless Covid 'vaccine' studies, which they explain have possible adverse reactions including female sterility. Basically they're saying similarly to what I've said before, that the Covid PCR test is useless and the symptoms not being unique, means you cannot diagnose Covid at all! Therefore in these studies there's no way to test the 'vaccine' efficacy because you cannot diagnose Covid before, during, or after the trial. In fact I'd go further to say that all Covid studies are meaningless, because there's no way to study a disease that cannot be diagnosed.

More information about the 'vaccines', I sent this previously, but in case you missed it.

So please Please PLEASE, don't get the Covid 'vaccine', but not even a test either. Some of us who've been paying attention are aware that they may have hydrogel (horrific 5G / biology interfacing nanobots) in the 'vaccines' amongst other things, but I've also heard this hydrogel stuff might also be on the test swabs too, so they may be dangerous as well! Also the tests allegedly 'magnetically tag us'. I'm not sure what that means, nor can I confirm this particular information to be accurate, but on the basis that it could possibly be true, I'd recommend extreme caution. You may think I'm a complete nutcase, but don't blame me if this makes you ill or kills you. You've been warned...

Love Justin

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