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Duped By Fake Stats To Surrender Our Liberty!

31 March 2020

Dear friends, family and all,

This pandemic, plannedemic, manufactured corona panic - is all utter and complete bullshit. But don't take my word for it:





In a nutshell; if you use a phony test, that often produces meaningless positive results, on people in hospital who are already chronically ill, that means you have serious selection bias issues that produce an artificially high illness and mortality rate. Coupled with the fact that most of the Covid-19 'deaths' should've been attributed to something else (the real cause) but instead have been falsely recorded as being caused by Covid-19, due to relying on a faulty test. And bingo! They can produce any scary fatality rate they want with their fake statistical magic trick!

I'm not claiming to know for sure whether or not they can actually test for Covid-19, distinct from other Corona viruses, although it seems almost certainly not. Or whether Covid-19 is a particularly dangerous virus, which now appears to be very much unlikely. But one thing is becoming abundantly clear; they've just stripped us of virtually all our freedom and liberty, for nothing more than a scare story based on a complete pack of lies. And the way this usually works, once they've taken away liberty, they never return it.

But why would they do this? Why would they paralyse and crash the economy, deliberately? Would they really do that, just to save a few old people from dying? That makes no sense. They don't care about us, AT ALL! They don't worry about killing us with carcinogenic chemicals, GM foods, fracking, all kinds of poisonous pollution, economic hardship and of course their favourite - WAR, many of them. Big-pharma, big-ag, the banksters, the military industrial complex, the deep state, to all of them we're just there to be exploited and then discarded. Yet all of a sudden, they've just done nothing short of a moral U-turn, overcome with compassion, and now nothing is more important to them than trying to save a few of our lives, regardless of the economic cost. Yeah right!

So if all they care about is money, why would they crash the economy you ask. Well anyone paying attention would know that the financial system was about to implode anyway, leveraged up on colossal debt, fraud and currency debasement. A negatively yielding bond market recently might've been a clue that it was about to be game over. So just like a dangerous old building on the verge of collapse, they've just done a controlled demolition of the economy. And doing it that way sure will be easy for them to profit from. Trillions in corporate bailouts are already flowing to the top, whilst they hand out crumbs off the table to the masses, leaving them to a life of poverty as a permanent underclass.

And if you still think they wouldn't do this, take a look at this wish list, straight from an authoritarian tyrant's wet dream, which the satanic fairy is granting right now:

Apparently the latest estimates are at least six more months of lockdown, but due to the fact that viruses mutate, and all their statistics are fake anyway, it could go on forever! So what can we do? Well the simple answer is; WAKE UP. If enough people see through the hoax then its power over us vanishes. But that means spreading the word, because we need critical mass of understanding, and right now nearly everybody is duped.

Yet this could all be dismissed as conspiracy theory. Even though they lie through their teeth every time, especially about big things like this. Even though conspiracy theories nearly always turn out to be accurate, when the truth finally gets out. But for some reason, perhaps some weird form of Stockholm syndrome, I don't know, people want to believe that this time is different, this time they really ARE telling the truth. It's not WMD, it's not 9/11, it's not some dodgy chemical attack in Syria that didn't happen. No this is different. They wouldn't lie about this. Not a pandemic. Surely not... Would they?

One thing that gives me hope is that, perhaps after being lied to once too often, that people are ready for the gritty truth simply because:

And the truth can save us from all of that.

Love Justin

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Check out the brand new song and video - just released - Fight The Lockdown