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Debunking the Corona Hoax

13 May 2020

Hello people,

I hope you're all doing well. Apologies if you think I'm spamming you but I really have nothing to sell, other than truth and sanity, as best I know it, in a world gone completely mad. But please let me know if you want removing from the mailing list. Maybe I should start a blog, a Twitter account or something. I have a song coming out - Fight The Lockdown - which will need promoting somehow, once I get back up to speed on the electric guitar and bass. So at least I'm busy, cut off from reality, and don't need a band as I can record it all by myself.

But it's just that, everyday I wake up and cannot believe that I'm not still dreaming - a dystopian science fiction nightmare has become reality. Throughout history, people fought wars and died for the very same freedoms and liberty that we've just surrendered, for what will most likely turn out to be, absolutely nothing.

Anyway, so much to debunk. I feel like I'm fighting against a tsunami of bullshit, armed with nothing more than a soup ladle. I suppose it could be worse, it could be a teaspoon.

So as for my personal bit of research goes, the latest figures from the ONS tell much the same story as before; extra people dying, but way more than the exaggerated (rigged / fraudulent) 'Covid-19 deaths'. So the lockdown and fear of the virus is still killing more people than the virus itself, even taking their fraudulent data at face value.

However, one thing that has changed in the figures is that deaths from respiratory conditions is back down to normal levels in the last couple of weeks of data. In my last email I noted a slight increase of about 300 extra deaths that week due to respiratory conditions, but that must've been an anomaly for that week as the numbers are back down to normal levels.

So considering Covid-19 is killing more than 8,000 people per week in the UK recently, allegedly, and when it does cause death then that would be a respiratory issue, this is NOT in the official data. There are maybe a handful of extra deaths caused by respiratory conditions, but nothing particularly statistically significant. The good news is that deaths of all causes is down a bit in the very last week of data.

See for yourself if you don't believe me:

Also, I have proof of one of the ways that they're fiddling the figures in the UK. The Coronavirus Act 2020 is a brand new piece of legislation which basically rips up the rule book when it comes to recording 'Covid-19' deaths, allowing for the data to be completely fabricated. So if you want to understand the blatant fraud going on behind our backs, this is an essential read:

Over in the US they're using financial incentives to fiddle the figures. I understand that Medicare pay a hospital $4,600 for a regular pneumonia diagnosis, $13,000 for Covid-19 pneumonia, and if they get the 'Covid-19' patient on a ventilator they get $39,000. And they have new guidance which says they shouldn't use oxygen and various other non-invasive treatments, that rather they should aim to 'crash' the patient and get them on a ventilator. And ventilators are dangerous and often kill, but it makes money and gets the Covid-19 death stats up. This is corroborated by this whistleblowing nurse:

But in order to try to make sense of all this craziness, perhaps the best way is to follow the money, which leads to Bill Gates. He is involved at every stage of this 'pandemic', on his quest to vaccinate the world. These are the first two in a brilliant series:

James is releasing about one a week, so if you want the upcoming episodes you can find them on his site:

These two doctors from California basically say the Corona virus is no more deadly than the flu and that the lockdowns should be lifted as they makes no sense, and they lead to compromised immune systems. It was quickly banned from YouTube after it got five million views, so it may take a few seconds to load from this censorship free alternative site. Just the very fact that they have to do draconian censorship, as well as fiddle the figures, surely makes you wonder what they have to hide.

As for the pseudoscience of 'social distancing', personally I find it offensive, abhorrent and dehumanising. In fact I'm actually embarrassed to be a member of the human race, who seem to be so gullible as to think it could possibly be of any benefit.

Lastly, in the name of transparency and honesty, I'd like to point out one claim that I previously may have made incorrectly (but only one). I said that Imperial College revised down their projected Covid-19 estimated deaths from 500,000 to 20,000 in the UK not because of the effect of lockdown, but simply because they got it wrong. However it has been argued that the two sets of numbers were for the different scenarios, with and without a lockdown, however this doesn't seem entirely clear.

Professor Neil Ferguson who was in charge of this computer modelling at Imperial College and advised the government to do the lockdown has now since resigned for breaching the lockdown rules, to see his married lover, so by his actions he shows that he knows the lockdown is nonsense. And what would be hilarious if it weren't for the fact that this is one of the main reasons we have no freedom now, is that the code for these computer models is not fit for purpose. Here, the amateurish bug ridden code is reviewed:

Live dangerously.

Check out the brand new song and video - just released - Fight The Lockdown