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18 August 2020

Hello friends,

Hope you're all well. I thought it was about time to bring you a dose of reality in this quagmire of nonsense propaganda.

So whenever I get into a debate about this 'pandemic', it nearly always boils down to, "They've taken away our freedom for something that kills less than the flu." Then the reply is usually something like, "Don't be ridiculous, it's much worse than the flu, it's really serious." And then it descends into a circular argument.

Well this video is brilliant - a must see - one of the best I've seen on the subject, and it really does put the above argument to rest:

And if you still disagree, and claim there really is a pandemic, then how come Sweden did nothing and all was fine, proving the lockdowns served no purpose? Now I know they pumped out lots of propaganda telling you how they got it horribly wrong, but they had to say that, didn't they? But as usual, that was bulllshit:

Now considering there is zero evidence that the lockdowns saved any lives, and a mountain of evidence to suggest that they have already killed probably tens, hundreds of thousands, and eventually more like hundreds of millions, then how can anyone possibly claim that this has been done for reasons of health? Our rulers either can't do maths and are beyond stupid, which I just cannot believe, or else they must have another agenda.

And if you still think it's all for our good, then why are the banksters pushing the lockdowns with bribes. Could it be that they benefit, by any chance?

Just for a bit of humour, I couldn't help but laugh at this, even though it's really not a joke:

If you're interested in how the propaganda machine works, this is fascinating:

This is a really good synopsis of the pandemic hoax:

One more thing, don't wear the masks! Please. When they bring out the 'vaccine', you'll be so sick of the masks that you'll take it just to get rid of them. So don't wear them. Pushing back against the tyranny will only get harder, the longer you leave it. Without our compliance they have nothing. The only power they have is what we give to them.

And if you got this far, well done! You must be pretty open minded.

Love Justin

Check out the brand new song and video - just released - Fight The Lockdown