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A Funeral Director Should Know

26 October 2021

Hello people!

I can barely believe what's become of the world? So now in Italy you cannot work to earn a living, without having the fake Covid 'vaccine'. Australia and New Zealand too. Maybe other countries as well, it's difficult to keep up.

You can't fly, unless they possibly allow you, test negative, quarantine and hope they don't change the rules at the last minute. In many countries you can't access entertainment, services and resources, even as basic as healthcare and supermarkets without a 'vaccine' passport. The restrictions, and threats of them, are ever greater.

But there is no logic behind any of this; even the manufacturers of these 'vaccines' don't make any claims that they prevent the infection or spread of Covid. And the data [1] now clearly shows that the 'vaccinated' are more likely to catch and be hospitalised by Covid. Countries with higher 'vaccination' rates have higher Covid rates.

And all to protect us from a virus so dangerous that, even if you believe in it, is by their own fake statistics no more dangerous than the flu, with the average Covid death being an 82 year old with three co-morbidities, which is about the same age as life expectancy.

Yet they are now jabbing children, who are more likely to be struck by lightning than die from Covid, even though the injection death rate is believed to be 411 per million (which equates to about a million and a half dead globally so far), with injuries, many permanent, far in excess of that. And the FDA KNOWS that these injections kill more than they save, even according to their own fake data.[2]

'Vaccinated' footballers and cricket players are having heart-attacks on the pitch, pilots are dying mid-flight[2] and people keep dying young after 'rare' blood clots, heart-attacks and 'short' or 'mystery' illnesses.

But as they reprimand, suspend, fire, strike-off, censor and smear any medical professionals brave enough to speak out against the narrative, the 'vaccine' roll-out continues unabated like a steamroller. The 'vaccine' mandates are putting millions out of work en masse, especially in healthcare as they've seen the consequences of the injections, so they're willing to sacrifice their entire careers to avoid the danger. What a way to deal with a pandemic, by firing millions of healthcare workers? Oh the monumental irony!

Sweden meanwhile never had any lockdown, restrictions or pandemic, obviously because Covid couldn't find it on the map. In fact many countries are now, or always have been, Covid and restriction free. Because as this global 'pandemic' rages on, for some reason, only certain countries are affected, but not others. It stands to reason, surely.

So as our liberty and bodily autonomy disappears (but Covid allegedly doesn't), the 'pandemic' continues endlessly, and the response to it is utterly devoid of any rational logic or proper science, my mind boggles, knowing that so many people still don't see that something sinister and nefarious is going on.

As the banksters print massively more money than they could've ever gotten away with before, by a long way, the billionaires' wealth explodes as the livelihoods of the masses are decimated, big-pharma rakes in gargantuan profits, Bill Gates gets his eugenics, Klaus Schwab gets his bio-digital identity and Great Reset, whilst governments get drunk on authoritarian control they could only have ever dreamt of, yet some people still think they're doing all this because they care about us, especially for the elderly.

I beg to differ. I think you'll find that these technocrats see old people as nothing more than an unnecessary cost, infringing on their profit margins. Which is why they've been torturing them with isolation and fear, then euthanising them with either the Covid 'treatment' protocols, or the fake 'vaccines'.

Apparently, according to the Bible, the Devil is right here, in disguise. And he's supposed to be DECEIVING the whole world, because that's what he does. Hmmm, I wonder how that works... Well it seems to me, he's doing a pretty DAMN good job. Sacrificing children just to make old people feel safe seems pretty evil to me. Quite a low point for humanity...

OK now for some videos, and these are all highly recommended viewing.

A funeral director should know about a pandemic, don't you think?

An enlightened perspective. A great interview:

More horrific revelations on the contents of these forced injections under a microscope:

This is a really informative cartoon summary of Covid and the fake 'vaccines':

VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) whistleblower:

Love Justin



[2] (follow the thread)

Check out the brand new song - just released - Transhumanism